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With the advancement of technology, it is becoming easier to gain detailed insight into your business processes. For example, Traxgo has a "track tracer", a tracker that you can buy for your commercial vehicles. This tracker provides information about things such as the location and speed of your vehicles. The advantages of a GPS car tracker are:

  • Simplified administration: Thanks to a GPS car tracker you receive a clear overview of all start and stop times of your commercial vehicles. You also know exactly how many kilometers have been covered. This simplifies administration considerably. There is no more room for ambiguity.
  • Live access to location data: In addition, a tracker in commercial vehicles or trucks is very useful to keep track of where your vehicles are in real time. You know exactly where everyone is. If an adjustment is necessary, you can respond perfectly to the situation. Access to a detailed overview of location data is very valuable in the transportation industry.
  • Immobilizer option: The option to use an immobilizer is also useful. You can remotely prevent your commercial vehicle from starting. A situation in which this can come in handy is, for example, when there is theft.
  • Employee productivity control: You can also access the productivity data of your employees with a tracker in your company vehicles. You know exactly what they did and didn't do. This prevents you from paying too much. Good control of productivity has significant advantages for business operations as a whole.
  • Vehicle specific information: You can also view very specific information per vehicle. Think, for example, of the amount of fuel that a commercial vehicle still has. Or the speed. This kind of data can help to better understand why certain actions are taken.
  • Time saving: Buying a tracker saves you a lot of time. The simplified administration, increased productivity and the possibility to make live adjustments are the best examples of this.

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Buying a tracker can therefore offer you many benefits and save considerable time and effort in the long run. It ensures that you can continue to grow as a company. An improvement of various business processes in combination with the freed up time means that more opportunities will become available.

For more information about a Traxgo tracker, you can of course contact us. As a specialist in supplying trackers for companies with many vehicles, we can advise you professionally. We therefore do everything we can to help you in the best possible way.