Deschacht Bouwmaterialen: taking service to a higher level

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The demanding and quality-conscious construction and do-it-yourself professional has been able to rely on Deschacht Bouwmaterialen for over 40 years. The professional will always find exactly what is needed in Deschacht’s very wide range of products. You must be flexible, be able to react quickly, and be able to deliver correctly in the construction industry. Deschacht has a fleet of 24 trucks and always aspires to be in the lead position, partly due to the fact that it is evolving along with the digitisation within the sector.

In early 2014, Deschacht Bouwmaterialen found the ideal partner to take their transport service to a higher level: Traxgo. Together with us, they invest in systems to increase efficiency. Thanks to a customised solution from Traxgo, Deschacht has many additional advantages: grouping and optimising deliveries, a digital overview of the order book, reporting for evaluation and adjustment, and much more. Deschacht Bouwmaterialen’s employees can use the Traxgo tracking system to provide customers with accurate information about their deliveries. The visibility of the fleet also allows them to assess the cooperation between the different subsidiaries.

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