Enterprise Resource Planning, benefits and preparation

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Enterprise resource planning: what is it?

Enterprise Resource Planning - Benefits and preparationEnterprise resource planning (ERP) is a software used in organisations to provide support to all departments within the company. An ERP programme consists of several modules that each support a specific application, for example, a module for business administration or stock systems.


An ERP system offers many benefits:

  • Repository for all data
  • Efficient manner of working
  • Improved communication
  • Cost savings (reduced production costs, reduced production time, improved customer service, reduced stock levels, etc.)

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All the data in the Enterprise Resource Planning programme are linked. All the information is available to every employee in the company and can be consulted at any time.


An ERP system has a great impact within the company. So, before implementing an ERP system, it is best to check the following:

  • Examine your business processes: review your working methods and consider future improvements
  • Create a list of requirements and wishes: what do you expect from the ERP package?
  • Develop a practical example of the process (business case)
  • Get acquainted with the ERP package

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