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GPS tracker for cars, trucks, trailers and other vehicles

A GPS Tracker installed in your cars regularly forwards important data such as location, speed, etc. to our server via a GPRS/GSM connection. These data are then processed on our secure server.

As a customer, you log into our secure online Traxgo platform that is accessible from anywhere and at any time (you do not need to install software on a local computer). Thanks to the GPS Tracker, you will see a clear overview of the forwarded data on a map and in the form of reports. In this way, you can monitor and manage your cars at all times with our Track and Trace system. With the help of a carefully placed GPS Tracker, you can keep an eye on the cars in your fleet from everywhere and in real time.

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A GPS Tracker not just for cars

The use of our Track and Trace systems does not have to be restricted to merely tracking cars. The trackers can also be installed in many other vehicles, such as trucks, boats, trailers, etc. With our real-time monitoring solutions, we help you save time and money. Contact us without obligation for more information.

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