HACCP standards transport

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

Temperature recording

Hygiene code for the hotel and catering industry

Traxgo - haccp certified. seal and imprintWhat is HACCP?

Food business operators must work in accordance with the HACCP standards applicable to them in order to ensure that people do not fall ill from eating food produced by them. HACCP is an abbreviation for: Hazard Analyses Critical Control Points.

In addition, Traxgo assists the transportation sector. 
Using temperature sensors, one of the most critical risks in food production is monitored remotely on a continuous basis. By recording the measured temperature, it can be proved that the critical process was under control at all times. If you work according to the requirements of the hygiene code, you can prevent your customers from falling ill due to the food products and beverages served by you.

Temperature is of crucial importance for food products.
During the transport of food, the temperature must be closely monitored. The carrier is often held responsible in case of damage. That is why it is vital to comply with the specified values and HACCP standards.

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