Track and trace hardware

We have the most suitable and high-quality hardware for all our solutions.

Our solutions

The blackbox

WIFI Traxgo Track n traceThe hardware partly determines the expansion options of the Traxgo Track and Trace system. We can also connect temperature sensors, CANbus, navigation, PLC, badge module, etc.

Track and Trace systems with fixed power supply

  • GP400, GP410 (2G) and GP510 (4G) - Track and Trace system for vehicles and machines
  • GP450 (2G) and GP550 (4G) - Track and Trace system for trailers

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Standalone Track and Trace systems

Daily Track and Trace without fixed power supply

  • GS520 - 4G, works for minimum 12 years on battery (LBS)
  • GS340 - Uses Sigfox
  • GS330 - Rechargeable and realtime
  • GSAT - Track and Trace systems via satellite

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Remote monitoring

  • Tyre pressure sensors
  • Liquid Sensor

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