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In healthcare, the patient comes first. This is a major responsibility where efficiency plays an important role, especially among the emergency services. Track and trace for healthcare is the best solution.

More and more organizations in the health sector (such as hospitals, retirement homes, etc.) are using our Track & Trace system. Thanks to this system, rescuers and/or vehicles can be deployed where and when they are needed, without wasting time.

Track and Trace for ambulances and emergency services

Would you like to make your interventions a lot more efficient and smooth? Then it is recommended to install our Track and Trace system. Thanks to our system, you have a perfect view of where your rescuers are.

Undoubtedly, your paramedics have their hands full taking care of patients, transferring patients to other hospitals, etc. It is not easy to send those ambulances along the shortest and fastest route. Particularly in the health sector, it is important to anticipate diversions, roadblocks, accidents, etc., so that no valuable time is lost. Thanks to our Track and Trace system, this is a lot easier!

A Track and Trace system offers many advantages in healthcare:

  • time savings: manage tasks and statuses easily;
  • smooth communication: communicating directly with your employees;
  • more efficiency: optimally deploy your employees and/or vehicles;
  • digitization: receive everything in real time;
  • efficiency: Track and Trace for ambulances sends emergency services along the shortest and fastest route;

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In addition, there are also some additional benefits integrated into our system such as key locations, emergency exits, police and emergency posts, ... Are you active in healthcare and would you like to install one of our solutions? Please feel free to contact us.


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