Heart-warming reactions to Ukraine relief campaign

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Heart-warming reactions to Ukraine relief campaignThe result of our aid campaign launched at the beginning of March has now been calculated: together with you, we were able to collect a staggering EUR 12,485! A sincere ‘thank you’ to everyone who has made a financial contribution. As indicated, the entire amount was used to purchase medical equipment, so we are sure that our joint effort will save lives in war-torn Ukraine. We purchased: powder-free nitrile gloves, C-A-T tourniquets, Olaes and Blast trauma dressings and compresses, Israeli pressure bandages, medical scissors, isothermal blankets and hydrogel chest bandages.

Not just financial

The many heart-warming reactions we received show that our appeal has not fallen on deaf ears. Apart from the payments into our account, many people spontaneously came forward with proposals to contribute physically by supplying clothing, pillows, blankets, etc. Every day we saw the amount of goods in our warehouse grow.

Support from the business world

Several companies in the region also joined in and supported the campaign. Mariasteen from Hooglede made a large donation of shoes and Covarmed from Marke - where we also bought all the medical equipment - gave us a generous package, full of extras, including bandages, plasters, disinfectants, etc.

It was a huge logistical challenge but the transport with all purchased and collected goods was sent on its way, in two shifts, to Ukraine. We cannot emphasise enough how grateful we are to everyone for all the support offered and the enormous solidarity we experienced during our relief campaign!

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