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Track and Trace machine rental

Machine rental: management of machines and equipment with tracking softwareMillions of machines are rented out every day, which often causes logistical problems. Rental companies are not always aware of where their machines are located and it sometimes happens that machines are not returned. You can put an end to that with track and trace for machine rental!

Track and Trace machine rental

A machine that is returned too late or not at all? This happens more often than you might think. Thanks to our Track and Trace solution, you can track every machine to the minute. On a clear map you can see exactly where your machines are located.

In addition, there is also the possibility to install an alarm on your machines and to install an immobilizer on electrical machines. That way you can always track, manage and shut down your machines if necessary. Machine rental has never been so efficient!

Tracking of machines

Monitoring operating hours

Thanks to the Traxgo solutions, the operating hours are tracked on the online Traxgo platform. On that platform you can consult all data at a glance. The online Traxgo platform is the perfect tool for invoicing and optimization of your machine efficiency. The platform automatically notifies you when it is time for maintenance.

Monitoring the operating hours ensures more profit, lower costs and efficient management of your machinery.

Recording of operating hours

Traxgo's solutions offer many advantages:

  • always and everywhere an overview of all machines and the operating hours;
  • less stress;
  • more efficiency;
  • possibility of installing immobilizer, which increases safety;

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Tracking solutions for machine rental