Measuring employee driving behavior

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Measuring employee driving behavior

Measuring your employees' driving behaviorBy installing a GPS tracking system, fleet management can track the company vehicles of your fleet in real time. For example, they can measure and monitor the driving behavior of the employees on the road via the centralized software, based on the clear report.

Which data are measured?

  • The date and time
  • Amount of CO2 emissions
  • Start and end mileage traveled
  • Tire pressure
  • Speeding
  • Fuel consumption
  • Quick cornering, braking, accelerating

By measuring (or monitoring) all driven routes separately, those responsible for fleet management within your company gain a much better insight into the driving behavior of each employee individually. Based on the various registered data, they can easily deduce when they are not driving economically enough or driving too fast. In this way they know which of your employees best adapt their driving behavior and they can encourage them to drive a lot more economically and safely by means of ecodriving.

Ecodriving is a win-win

Economical driving or eco-driving has a positive influence on the costs (for example, less wear and tear, lower fuel costs, etc.) and the safety of your employees on the road. In addition, it is good for the environment. In short, a win-win for everyone. And not only for companies with a large fleet, because the advantages are also pronounced for a limited number of company cars.

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