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Secure the cargo space of your van

Security systems for the cargo space of vansThe usefulness of a good security system for vans goes without saying - becoming a victim of theft is never a pleasant experience. For many self-employed entrepreneurs, the cargo space of a van is the beating heart of their business and usually contains a wealth of expensive work equipment, which has been built up piece by piece over the years. When materials or machines are stolen from them, it is a very real catastrophe with a serious financial impact. Apart from locking the van properly, there are a few other tips that can deter a break-in, but even these are unfortunately not 100% failproof, especially if thieves are aimed at getting to your work equipment.

Invisible security system

We offer a highly efficient solution in the form of our innovative security system for the cargo space of vans. All the material inside is thus optimally protected, and that, too, without any visible assembly of parts. Our system can be used in many sectors (for example, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, but also outsourcing companies with service technicians, etc.), as well as by both small and large companies with several vans in their fleet. Prevention is always better than cure. Thieves won’t know what to do once they’re caught red-handed during the theft.

Your advantages

  • Your material is safe in the cargo space of your van
  • Configurable time lock for optimal protection
  • Immediate detection of unwanted access
  • Installation without visible parts
  • Real-time location tracking of the vehicle

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