The 2019 Voka Transport & Safety Event in Tour & Taxis

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The "Transport & Safety Event" will take place for the first time in Tour & Taxis (Brussels) on 18 September 2019. Statistics prove that there is a need for this. Truck drivers are the only category of road users in Europe where the number of road fatalities has increased over the last 10 years. Flanders is no exception. Moreover, there are still an average of 50 blind-spot accidents per year involving heavy goods vehicles (HGV) in the Netherlands (source: CARE & Statbel).

During this event around safety in the transport and construction sector, the theoretical as well as the practical aspects are discussed: in the morning through a mix of testimonials, safest procedures & models, and in the afternoon through practical tests & concrete explanations of safety solutions, including the Traxgo tyre pressure monitoring system. This system continuously measures the pressure and temperature of the tyres on your vehicles, giving you real-time information about your tyres’ status and immediately detecting any irregularities.

Are you active in the construction or transport sector? And is safety paramount? Then this community event is definitely something for you.

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