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Time & attendance software application

Time & attendance software applicationThanks to the time registration software application of Traxgo, your staff can very easily check in and out digitally. The user-friendly software offers you a clear insight into the working hours of your staff.

Automatic registration

The hours worked are automatically registered, even if an employee was late or has worked overtime. In addition, the working hours performed are compared with the personnel planning and you will receive a notification if these deviate from the scheduled times. You can consult the data anytime, anywhere, at the time that suits you best. This allows you to quickly and easily adjust the planning or intervene in time in the event of problems.

How does the time attendance software work?

  • Check in
  • Pause or check out
  • Consult working hours overview
  • Check or adjust worked hours
  • Forward data to social secretariat or HR team

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