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Track & trace of your container

Track & trace your container 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with the right Traxgo software. You can always follow the containers on the map. Certainly when several containers are in circulation at the same time, it is useful to have a clear overview of the location data. The advantages of the track & trace technology to track a container are:

  • Responding to situations: Since you can always track where your container is, you can respond to different situations. For example, has a container stopped unexpectedly for a long time or is your employee taking the wrong route? Then you immediately have the opportunity to respond to this and do something about the situation.
  • Time and money savings: Furthermore, the time and money savings of using track & trace for your container are very significant. For example, consider the amount of administration you save when registration is automatic. The Traxgo platform keeps track of when and where your containers have left and when and where they arrived elsewhere.
  • Easy access: The Traxgo platform is extremely user-friendly and offers insight into the various data in a clear way. This gives you easy access to all the information you need. The comfort of using track & trace for a container is therefore very high.
  • Live location data: The live location data is perhaps the best part of container tracking. A clear map shows you exactly where all containers are located at any time of the day. As mentioned, the live location data offers far-reaching possibilities to optimize your business processes. The chance of errors and misunderstandings decreases significantly.
  • Long battery life tracker: As a last point, the battery life of the tracker should not be left unmentioned. The battery only lasts for many years without having to be charged. In addition, the tracker is waterproof.

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Tracking system for containersTrack & trace for your containers?

Are there many containers in circulation at your company and are you looking for ways to optimize the transport process? Then the Traxgo tracker is exactly what you are looking for. As mentioned, there are many different benefits associated with implementing this technology.

Ensure that your company as a whole takes the next step in development by gaining a better overview of its operations. Thanks to the Traxgo platform, you have clear insight in one place into various matters that still require a lot of time and effort.

For more information and a detailed explanation of how a tracker works, you can of course contact us. As an expert in the field of track & tracing, Traxgo is happy to help you to ensure that the implementation runs as smoothly as possible.