Attendance recording in the construction sector

Mandatory attendance recording at the worksite

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Attendance recording in the construction sector

Checkinatwork | Attendance recordin for construction | Check In At WorkMandatory attendance recording at the worksite

Employees on large worksites are obliged to record their attendance. This can become an extremely difficult and time-consuming job unless there is an efficient attendance recording solution. That is why Traxgo created the Track and Trace system, a tool that offers you various customised solutions.

Attendance recording at worksites

Attendance recording in the construction sector is only mandatory on large worksites, where the total cost of the works is at least 800,000 euros. Moreover, it is important that the electronic recording takes place daily, before the employees start work. Employee, employer, date and worksite details are forwarded o the NSSO. Everyone directly involved in the works, from workers to engineers, is required to record their attendance electronically.

Why is electronic attendance recording mandatory at worksites?

The government has made electronic attendance recording mandatory in order to prevent social and tax fraud. Thanks to mandatory recording, there is no longer any doubt about who is at work and when, which means that companies can no longer commit fraud. In addition, the so-called ‘ConstruBadge’, which has also become mandatory recently, is a tool for preventing social fraud, just like the attendance recording system.

How does Checkinatwork work?

You can set up electronic attendance recording at a construction site using the Checkinatwork system. Your employees do not have to wait for any confirmation, which means they can get started without any delays. The planning tool synchronises all records in real time, allowing the contractor to make instant adjustments, if necessary.

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