Automatic attendance recording

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Checkinatwork can be done automatically

Automatic attendance recording - CheckinatworkThe person checks in via the Traxgo Track and Trace system installed in your vehicles or via an on-site time clock. You can check in using the ConstruBadge, ToBeLisa badge, or even with your ID card. All information about the site and the employees is sent to the Traxgo platform, processed and forwarded to Checkinatwork in a completely automated manner.

Automatic attendance recording - Checkinatwork

  • Thanks to Traxgo, Checkinatwork is easier to use and helps save time
  • Everything is linked to Checkinatwork in a completely automated manner
  • User-friendly and secure tool for managing your field employees and subcontractors

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Checking in

CheckInAtWorkCheck in via ConstruBadge, LISAbadge, ID, key, etc.

The Traxgo Track and Trace system is linked to Checkinatwork.

Checking in can be done in various ways:

Who is responsible?

The contractor is responsible for providing the attendance recording system. Both the party that employs a person (employer, subcontractor) as well as the person who performs work (employee, self-employed person) is responsible for recording attendance.



What exactly is attendance recording?

check in at workAs an employer or contractor, you can use Checkinatwork to record the attendance of your own employees, of your subcontractors and of your self-employed subcontractors. They, as employees or self-employed subcontractors, can also check themselves into the system. Attendance must be recorded daily, and certainly before the person who is going to perform the work actually starts working.

What kind of works does this include?

Recording attendance is mandatory if the value of the works is equal to or higher than €500,000. A few examples of such works: maritime works, maintenance of central heating, cleaning of buildings, site maintenance, etc.

Who must be checked in?

All persons working on immovable property and all persons performing activities that fall under the meat sector must be checked in.

  1. Other persons, such as the building supervisor responsible for the project, the building supervisor authorised to manage the execution, the coordinator responsible for health and well-being during the development of the construction project and the coordinator responsible for health and well-being during the execution of the construction project, must also be checked in.
  2. Anyone who carries out activities related to meat preparations or meat products and the slaughter or carving of ungulates, poultry and rabbits in establishments that must be recognised (via certificates, permits and prior registrations) by the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC).

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