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The government decided that the best way to track social dumping and fraud at worksites is via an electronic attendance recording system. With the help of the Checkinatwork (CIAW) system, the contractor can declare all persons carrying out construction works. This is done by ensuring that these persons ‘check in’ via the system before they arrive at the workplace, i.e. before entering the worksite. The system records who is present, at what time and at which location. The requirement applies to worksites with a total cost of at least 800,000 euros (excluding VAT). From 1 January 2016 onwards, this amount has been reduced to 500,000 euros and further changes are expected to be announced.

Check In At Work - Mandatory attendance recording

Who must be checked in?

All persons carrying out construction works at the worksite: self-employed persons, directly employed blue-collar workers, active partners performing such works directly, temporary personnel, trainees, foreign personnel, etc.

Who is responsible for checking in via CheckInAtWork? 

The main contractor is responsible for the electronic attendance recording for the entire worksite. But it may contractually transfer this responsibility to the subcontractors. The employer is responsible for recording the attendance of its own employees. Self-employed persons are, in principle, responsible for their own attendance recording.

When does the check-in have to be done?

The check-in takes place before the person starts working and must be done daily and for every working day. The system allows you to check in up to 36 days in advance.

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