Installatie & bouw about TraxOne planning software

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TraxOne planning software in Installatie & bouwAn extensive article about our TraxOne planning software was recently published on the Installatie & bouw website - the platform for installation technology, HVAC, sanitary and electricity. The use of our innovative solution by service companies (such as installers of electricity, heating, plumbing, ...), from planning to and including invoicing, was discussed nicely in this. With TraxOne we help these companies to take the management and planning of their projects to an even higher level.

Using a user-friendly app, technicians on site can consult the tasks planned for them on a smartphone or tablet. Delivered performances can be easily registered and signed off digitally by the customer after the work has been completed. It goes without saying that such an efficient way of working allows installation companies to save a lot of time and money.

Installatie & bouw about TraxOne: "smart solution for planning and work registration"

Installatie & bouw - smart solution for planning and work registrationYou have a complete overview of the various current and/or completed tasks, their current status, the feasibility of deadlines, whether or not sufficient resources are available, etc. at a glance. All this lets you provide your customer with clear and transparent info. TraxOne makes the difference in your operational planning, processing with almost paperless invoicing, and the direct communication with your customers and your employees.
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