Kilometre registration with our track-and-trace system

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Track and trace for simple and accurate mileage registration

As a specialised and ISO-certified partner, Traxgo offers a platform for collecting, monitoring, and processing business data in real time. With our tracking, monitoring, and business software solutions, we help many companies in various industries to save time and money. Do you have a lot of travelling representatives? Do your staff have to travel many kilometres in the performance of their job? Then our track-and-trace system can be used for effective kilometre registration.

Easy and reliable kilometre registration

Using the track-and-trace system fitted in your company vehicles, the kilometres your employees have travelled are registered and sent to our secure, centralised server, which accurately processes all incoming data. Our user-friendly, platform-independent, and permanently available software then ensures that the registered data about the kilometres driven in these vehicles is efficiently and accurately tracked and automatically processed, saving you or your staff a great deal of time and administrative work.

Much more than just registering kilometres

In addition to various reports, the real-time monitoring of the positions and the visualisation of the travelled routes on a map, the software can also be used to keep track of additional data such as maintenance, inspections, insurance policies, etc. of the vehicles. In this way, the use of a vehicle tracking system within your company can be extended from simple kilometre registration to a true fleet management system, and your business processes can be optimised step by step.

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