Management of attendance

Simplify the attendance registration of your employees

Time recording

Management of attendance

Traxgo time clock for Checkinatwork

The Traxgo time clock is an indispensable tool for recording the attendance data of your employees and subcontractors for Checkinatwork. This not only allows you to independently record the time spent by your personnel, but also helps automatically prepare an inventory of the machinery and equipment present at your worksite. The tool makes attendance management much easier for you.

Your benefits:

Management of attendance

  • Paperless management of your worksites and simplification of your administration
  • Automatic reading of the data on the ConstruBadge and LisaBadge
  • Monitor the attendance of your personnel and blue-collar workers in real-time at the worksites
  • Automatic inventory of your work machinery and equipment (at the worksite)
  • Immediately consult the badging reports per person and per worksite
  • Check worksite attendance

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