Measuring driving behaviour

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Measuring driving behaviour

Measuring and optimizing driving behaviourBy measuring your driving behaviour, you can significantly reduce the fuel consumption of your car. Fuel consumption is not only determined by the type of car itself, but also to a large extent by the driving behavior of the driver. The solution to save fuel is mainly (more) economical driving. On this page we help you on your way with 4 practical tips.

Measuring and optimizing driving behaviour

1. Switch off engine
If you leave the engine of your car running when you are stationary, you use energy unnecessarily. Therefore, make sure to switch off your engine if you have to wait a longer time (eg at a level crossing, road works, ...). Modern cars usually have such a function as standard.

2. Correct shifting
If you shift gears incorrectly, your fuel consumption will be higher.

3. Accelerate and brake carefully
Accelerating or braking in a sporty driving style will consume much more fuel. It is better to apply an anticipatory driving style where possible, e.g. wait. not to brake until just before a red traffic light, but let your car "bulge out" a while in advance.

4. Tire pressure check
The wear on your tires also affects fuel consumption. It is therefore recommended to regularly check the tire pressure. Or a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) can be used. In addition, timely maintenance is of course also important.

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