A smart camera system to detect offenders

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Preventing people without permits from driving down shopping streets is one of the challenges of future-focused urban development. Usually, access is blocked by retractable bollards fitted with a card reader. However, maintaining such a system and detecting and prosecuting offenders comes at a significant cost.


Traxgo has developed a smart camera system to detect offenders, meaning physical obstacles are no longer required.
This solution consists of:

  • A smart camera that reads licence plates and passes them to the Traxgo platform
  • A whitelist with the licence plates of permit holders
  • A user-friendly management interface for the police and city authorities
  • A system to export all offences to the police platform

How does it work?

The mobility or tourism department provides a whitelist to grant access to people with the correct permits. The system recognises these permit holders on the basis of their licence plate and allows them to move freely along shopping streets, meaning they no longer need to carry special access cards or codes. Simple, effective and user-friendly!

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