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It is crucially important in warehouse management to keep track of different figures. As an organisation, you of course always want to be in control of the incoming and outgoing figures. This has an important role to play in the maintenance of stock levels. But it is also important for the invoicing of purchases and sales that everything is meticulously kept updated.

It is best to start using the right software for this immediately. We are not talking about using a large variety of different software systems for each part of the sector. This has a number of negative effects. For example, it creates a lack of clarity of information and miscommunication between employees. Ideally, warehouse management should be controlled at one location. That is exactly what TraxOne is capable of!

TraxOne is an innovative, total software solution for business. All kinds of different processes are integrated together under one system. This makes it easy to arrange matters such as warehouse management, invoicing and contacts with external parties.

Whether you have one or more warehouses with stock locations, TraxOne will provide you with a perfect overview of the different stock levels of your articles, together with their value (purchase price versus market price). When certain thresholds are reached, the software can send automatic alerts or apply restocking rules to restock your inventory. Since all this happens in one location, all misunderstandings or miscommunications are eliminated.

Modular software solution to optimize business processesAdvantages of TraxOne in warehouse management

Of course, these are not the only advantages of a total solution like TraxOne. The following are a few of the additional advantages of the software:

  • Accessibility: TraxOne is accessible in a number of ways. It is of course accessible via an ordinary PC or laptop. However, a special app has also been developed that provides you with access to all possible information even when you are on the move. Everyone therefore has access to the most important information anytime, anywhere. This minimises delays and maximises the opportunities for communication with the right people.
  • Tailor-made warehouse management: Every organisation requires a different warehouse management system. It is possible that you would like the software to have a slightly different layout. This is not a problem. With a full team behind the software, TraxOne allows you to put together a tailor-made solution. The software will be adapted to your organisation.
  • Margin improvement: Just imagine the possibilities resulting from a perfectly organised warehouse management. No more unnecessary costs are incurred since it is very easy to keep track of everything. You will therefore never have to deal with shortages or surpluses again.

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