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Track & trace, material management and time registration for public companies

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Public companies very often have many employees under them. Which means, a lot of administration... Keeping an overview of this is undoubtedly very difficult! Thanks to our different systems, you can easily register and keep everything. This saves you time and money.

Monitoring vehicles | Track and track vehicles

Track and trace for public sector companies

Has there been an emergency or do you urgently need to call a team?
Our Track and Trace system offers a solution to these kinds of questions. With this system you can easily deploy people where and when they are needed. Moreover, you also know exactly where and at what time your employees are. We guarantee that you can work more efficiently thanks to our system, without wasting time and with better communication. You not only save time and money with our system, but you also keep your customers and employees happy. Once you have installed the Traxgo Track and Trace system, you can follow everyone via PC, smartphone or tablet.

Time registration

Public sector... red tape? no way!

How many people work for you? 200, 300,...? There is no doubt that a lot of work goes into this and that mistakes are made here. Make invoicing and administration a lot easier in your company. Thanks to Traxgo's solutions, your employees no longer have to fill in work orders, unnecessary paperwork, etc.

Thanks to LisaBagde, your employees can easily keep track of all distances, hours worked, etc. in our digital software. You can check, correct and process these documents very easily. That way you and your employees work a lot more efficiently.

Thanks to LisaBadge, it is possible to work ecologically, time-saving, quickly and efficiently.


Monitoring vehicles | Track and track vehicles

Track your vehicles easily

Are all your vehicles in perfect condition? With our user-friendly system, you can track the tire pressure and fluid level of your vehicles with a mouse click, wherever you are. Such a monitoring system continuously records the necessary information and forwards it to our online platform.

Opt for an efficient monitoring system and track your vehicles. Receive a detailed report on the tire pressure and fluid level of your vehicles, whenever you want. Inspections and maintenance are also easy to follow.

Tyre pressure monitoring

Time registration | CheckInAtWork

Remote monitoring at any time of the day

Who was on duty? Where has my team already visited? These are all matters that you can easily follow up with our solutions.

Traxgo monitors your vehicles and employees. Our systems constantly record and pass on information. Thanks to the tracking & business software, you can easily monitor your vehicles and employees.

  • always know where your employees are;
  • receive an overview anytime and anywhere;
  • optimize your time;
  • optimize the efficiency of your organization;
  • ...

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