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Check the temperature of your cargo

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Check the temperature of your cargo with a temperature sensor

Check the temperature of your cargo

Getting information about the temperature of your cargo can be a very time-consuming process. Make it easy for yourself by placing cargo temperature sensors. A temperature sensor is a device in which the physical quantity temperature is converted into a readable electrical signal.

Temperature sensors are installed at different locations and in equipment for which the temperature needs be measured, for the purpose of checking or possibly regulating this temperature. A temperature sensor captures the temperature immediately and in real time, so you can find out the exact temperature of your transport vehicle or refrigerated vehicle. Guarantee the quality of food during transport and reduce the health risk for your customers!

Benefits of a cargo temperature sensor

  • Real-time temperature record
  • Accuracy of the temperature
  • Convenience: you do not need to measure it yourself
  • As a warning: if the temperature rises above or below a certain average, you can easily correct it and prevent further problems
  • View the data: the data overview and historical data are available anytime, anywhere

Temperature sensor in combination with track and trace

Being able to consult the temperature and location of the transport vehicle at any time and in real-time is the perfect combination! Do you want to find out more about our temperature sensors? Would you like to receive a price quote, free of obligation, for a temperature sensor? Please leave us your details via our contact form, so that we can get in touch with you.

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