The tyre pressure monitoring system.

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Traxgo and Continental join forces.

Traxgo and Continental are working together to reduce your total operational costs.

Using the ContiPressureCheck™ system in combination with a Traxgo Track and Trace system helps reduce your total operational costs. A sensor in the tyre constantly measures the pressure and temperature of your vehicle's tyres. You can save a lot of fuel and increase your returns with the correct tyre pressure. You reduce the risk of unexpected tyre problems so you don't have to replace your tyres so often.

According to a study by Continental, you can now take action to reduce your annual operational costs by €1,500 per vehicle*, while increasing the safety of driver and vehicle. (* savings based on a 4 x 2 tractor with 3-axle trailer that travels 150,000 km per year for a diesel price of €1/litre)

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Fixing the sensor inside the tyre guarantees high data accuracy. ContiPressureCheck™ is compatible with all brands of tyres and vehicles. Automatic Trailer Learning makes it easy to exchange trailers without additional system configuration being required. You can track the location of your tractor or trailer on a map in real time using the Traxgo's Track and Trace system.

Large scope of application

The system works for almost all vehicle combinations - from trailers to vehicle configurations with six axles - up to a maximum of 24 tyres. It is suitable for tractors, tractor/trailer combinations, as well as for buses and coaches.


Driving with the correct tyre pressure can lead to significant fuel savings, increased efficiency, increased return per kilometre, and retention of the value of the casing. In short, your fleet will be more fuel efficient.

Reliable and safe

The ContiPressureCheck™ system helps avoid tyre-related breakdowns that can lead to costly standstills, penalties for late delivery, possible damage, danger to other road users and loss of sales or profit. In combination with the Traxgo Track and Trace system,

everything is displayed on a map on the Traxgo platform. You will get an alarm notification if safety limits are exceeded.


Driving with the correct tyre pressure reduces fuel consumption, tyre wear, and CO2 emissions. All in all, this is sure to help protect the environment.


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