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The ultimate vehicle tracking system

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As a company in a sector where you have a lot to do with transport, a vehicle tracking system is certainly not an unnecessary luxury. By partnering with Traxgo, a GPS Tracker is placed in all your vehicles. This tracker then forwards the most important data to the fully secured Traxgo platform. This provides insight into data from the various vehicles such as:

  • The locations
  • The speeds
  • The routes traveled

A GPRS/GSM connection is used to forward this data. Traxgo then receives everything on a secure server via this connection. You then only need to log in as a customer to get everything in a nice overview for you. Both in map form and by using reports. This gives far-reaching insights and control over all your vehicles within the company.

The advantages of the vehicle tracking system

Of course, there are a number of clear advantages associated with using this GPS Tracker system. You can think of things like:

  • Simplified personnel administration: The start and stop times of your vehicles are automatically tracked. These are therefore known at all times. The kilometers traveled do not need to be tracked thoroughly. Everything in this area is automatic. This makes personnel administration easier than ever.
  • Detailed route maps: You can also clearly see which route an employee has taken. Thanks to the real-time registration, you can even see live where an employee is. It is then possible to respond immediately to a certain situation, if the route is not correct, for example. Thanks to the detailed route maps, everything becomes a lot clearer.
  • Interruption with immobilizer: Is there a suspicious or unwanted activity that you would like to be interrupted as soon as possible? Then you can intervene by means of an immobilizer. A vehicle can then no longer drive. This ensures the safety of your vehicles.
  • Data per vehicle: The built-in links have the advantage that they provide insight into unique data per vehicle. For example, you know exactly what the fuel level or speed of a specific vehicle is. This information can be very useful to prevent unwanted situations.
  • Time saving: All in all, using the Traxgo platform will lead to a huge time saving. Due to the reduced personnel administration and the improved insight into individual details, there are far fewer matters that still need to be checked or arranged. Everything largely runs by itself. This will not only save time, but you will also save a lot of money.

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A vehicle tracking system for your business

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