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A GPS tracker for real-time tracking information of the traveled routes

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Track & Trace with a GPS tracker

Track & Trace with GPS tracker | Leasing sector | Leasing car | Traxgo

Have you ever considered installing track & trace in your commercial vehicles?

By means of a GPS tracker it becomes possible to follow exactly where your company vehicles are located. This way you know exactly what the departure and arrival times of your fleet were. In addition, you can respond very well and efficiently to various situations that arise. Thanks to track & trace, a complete visualization of the routes traveled for your fleet is possible. This also makes personnel administration a lot easier, for example. In the long run, this will save you considerable time and money.

Profit maximization is sometimes in the small business. You can easily make a difference by monitoring your company cars in real time. Do you need to visit a customer unexpectedly? Thanks to the GPS tracking system linked to the central software, you immediately know which employee or representative is closest and you can switch quickly.

Are you interested in a GPS tracker and would you like to know more about the functions of our GPS tracker? Please contact Traxgo and it will be possible in practice in no time.

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