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The importance of time tracking in large companies

Time and attendance software for small and large companiesMaintaining a general overview of the company is not always easy for a manager. Keeping up to date with everything is very difficult, especially in a large company. Managers, of course, always want to know how many hours employees have worked and, if necessary, how many kilometers they have traveled. This is important to know whether employees are performing sufficiently and of course for the administration of working hours. A time registration system offers a solution for this, for small, medium and large companies.

Time registration tool in large companies

Traxgo's registration system provides enormous administrative simplification and time savings. Employees no longer have to report their working hours, parse work orders or calculate complicated payslips. With the time registration system, the employer can always be sure of correctly registered hours and kilometers traveled. In addition, the system makes it easier to calculate mileage allowances and wages. It also ensures that the employer has an overview of the hours worked and the movements of its employees. In short, it is the ideal tool for correct onward invoicing.

Strong HR policy thanks to time registration system

Large, well-run companies don't just keep track of working hours to monitor employees. They also contribute to the functioning of the company. For example, a time registration system may also indicate when employees experience the workload as too high. Using a time registration system therefore has many advantages. It is an absolute must for a well-implemented HR policy.

A time recording system can also ensure that employees can align their work with the strategic objectives of the organization. It happens too often that employees think they are doing the right things, while an evaluation shows that, according to the employer, this is not the case.

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