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Tire pressure check

Tire pressure checkIt is important to perform a pressure check at regular intervals. The tire pressure is too high or too low in more than half of the trucks and other vehicles. Driving with the wrong tire pressure has a negative influence on the wear and grip of your tires and the fuel consumption. In addition to just following and monitoring cars, trucks, ... our various vehicle tracking systems can also help to map out their tire pressure.

Tire wear

Correct tire pressure ensures even wear. If the tire pressure is too high, the wear in the center of the tire will increase, while if the tire pressure is too low, the sides will wear faster. As a result, your tires will last a lot less long.

Tire grip

Tire pressure that is too high or too low leads to less grip on your tires. This has a negative effect on your braking behavior and your safety. It is therefore very important to regularly perform a tire pressure check, whether or not via an automated system.

Fuel consumption related to tire pressure

Incorrect tire pressure will increase your fuel consumption. By regularly carrying out a check with a tire pressure monitoring system, you can save a lot of costs. A monthly check is recommended to ensure that you are driving with correct tire pressure. This increases your safety and reduces your fuel consumption.

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