Track and trace for outsourcing companies

Track and trace system for administration simplification

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Track and trace for outsourcing companies

Track and trace for outsourcing and transport sectorWith a track and trace system, you as an outsourcing company can efficiently monitor your fleet in real time. This way you always know where your technicians are, which route they are taking and at what speed they are driving. Several outsourcing companies have already opted for a Traxgo solution to improve their business processes.

Benefits track and trace

Monitoring a fleet requires a lot of precious energy. With a track and trace system you can simplify your administration and process all data automatically. Thanks to a GPS tracker you will save a lot of time and money.

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  • Determine the location of your vehicles
    A GPS tracker shows the location of each vehicle. With this information you can quickly inform your technicians if a route changes. In addition, you can also intervene in time if there is a diversion.
  • Plan efficiently
    Efficient planning is essential for outsourcing companies. A track and trace system processes all data in real time, allowing you to focus on your planning.
  • Simplify your administration
    All working hours of your technicians are automatically registered by a track and trace system. This way you have less work with your administration and you can be sure that all data has been accurately measured.
  • Track your vehicles
    With a GPS tracker you are assured that you have remote control over your vehicles. In addition, you will be automatically notified when your technicians are due for annual maintenance with their vehicle.

A track and trace system is the solution for outsourcing companies.
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