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Equip your service vehicles with a tracking system

Equip your service vehicles with track and traceYou may know the problem. An - overcrowded - schedule has been drawn up for your service technicians, but unexpectedly a customer contacts you for an urgent intervention. Without a track and trace system in your service vehicles, it is almost impossible to find out which technician is where exactly, especially if you have a large fleet, to determine which of them is best to visit. Or you have to call all the technicians one by one, and that will quickly waste a lot of time. Do you want to be able to find out exactly where your service vehicles are located at any time without wasting time and in real time? Then choose to equip your service vehicles with a Traxgo track and trace system.

Once the vehicles of your fleet are equipped with a tracking system, you can track it perfectly via our platform. In addition to merely visualizing the positions of the service vehicles, this efficient software can be of service to you with many other applications. Moreover, our platform is accessible anytime and anywhere, without installing additional software. Are you interested in equipping your fleet with our track and trace solution? Contact us without obligation, we are happy to talk to you.

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