Tracking systems

Track & Trace systems for vehicles, machines and equipment

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Traxgo is specialized in supplying track & trace data using realtime tracking systems for the following applications.

Tracking systems for vehicles

A tracking system for vehicles (cars, trucks, ...).A GPS Tracker installed in your vehicle regularly forwards important data about the vehicle, such as its location, speed, etc., via a GPRS/GSM link to a server. Your data are processed on this secure server. As a customer, you can log into our completely secure Traxgo platform. You will see a clear overview of the data on a map and in the form of reports. In this way, you can track and manage your vehicles at all times.

Tracking of vehicles

Realtime tracking of machines

Tracking system for machinesA Traxgo Track and Trace System is installed in your machine. This communicates the location and operating hours of the machine on a regular basis. These data are forwarded to the Traxgo platform, where you can view all the data. You will see a clear overview of the data on a map and in the form of reports. In this way, you can monitor, manage and if you wish, shut down your machines at any time.

Tracking of machines

Track and trace of equipment

Tracking system for equipmentUsing BT technology, you can see at a glance where your equipment is located - and this is possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The equipment is fitted with a small tag. The tags are linked to a Traxgo Track and Trace system, which automatically and immediately communicates their position. In this way, the BT tag helps locate your equipment on a map.

Tracking of equipment

Other applications

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