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Car tracking: real-time company car tracing

Car tracking, or company car tracing"Car tracking" (read: "tracing of company cars") has recently been on the rise. In-depth insight into all kinds of information is increasingly seen as valuable. There is a huge need for as much data as possible in order to be able to implement improvements. Companies recognize that access to the right data offers the opportunity to grow further. That's how it works with a car tracking system.

Do you have a company where a lot of vehicles, machines or materials have to be transported? Then the our tracking solution is perfectly suited for improving insight into the associated data. With car tracking you have:

  • Access to start and stop times: The start and stop times of your vehicles are automatically recorded and tracked. This way you know exactly which kilometers have been traveled and you do not have to keep up with the administration yourself. With car tracking you can easily see all the necessary data on one platform.
  • Visualization of routes: You can also see exactly which routes your vehicles have traveled on the Traxgo maps. Thanks to the tracking system, you can find exactly where a vehicle has been and which routes have been chosen during a ride.
  • An immobilizer function: In addition, the immobilizer function is also very valuable. If a suspicious start occurs, you can interrupt it. Consider, for example, the possible theft of one of your vehicles.
  • Productivity overview: Another important point is an overview of the productivity of your employees. After all, with car tracking you know exactly how long employees have spent on a certain route and what could be done better. There is a good chance that there will then be enough room to increase productivity.
  • Huge gain in time: All in all, track and trace provides a huge gain in time. The reduced need for administrative activities combined with higher productivity frees up time. This freed up time can then be used to improve other business processes or to implement new things.

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How does the car tracking system works?

After you have decided that you want to implement a car tracking system within the company, a GPS tracker is placed in one or more of your vehicles. This tracker then sends the necessary data to Traxgo's server. Your data is displayed in the right place on this secure server, so that you always have real-time insight into it. The Traxgo platform is easy to use and offers a large overview of various maps and reports.

For more information about how Traxgo can be of value to you, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to explain to you how tracking works and how the implementation process works.