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Employee leave planningPeople are your company’s most important investment. So, you should make sure that you use their skills and efforts optimally.

Our business software boosts the efficiency of your HR Department via the following modules:

  • Employee management
  • Attendance management and wage statements
  • Recruitment and selection of personnel
  • Assessment module
  • Leave planning

In these HR modules, we can distinguish three main tasks, i.e. management, collaboration and integration. This is explained further below.


  • Create personnel profiles: collect all information about all employees in one place
  • Manage employment contracts: monitor employee status, job, contract type, employee data and scheduling
  • Manage timesheets: create weekly and monthly timesheets and track the time spent by employees on projects
  • Manage attendance: manage the attendance of your employees in a simple manner and keep an eye on who is present or absent and at which times Generate attendance reports
  • Manage leave: manage holidays, annual holidays and sick days
  • Dashboards: one dashboard per manager

Holiday management: easy tracking of holidays and sick days

  • STEP 1: Employees submit an application (paid leave, sick leave or other type of leave)
  • STEP 2: Managers can approve or reject the applications
  • STEP 3: Employees receive a notification, based on which their calendar is automatically updated


  • Enterprise-wide social networking tools: track employees and documents, share files, chat in real time and participate in discussion groups
  • Gamification: set goals, challenges and rewards with clear targets to increase employee engagement and to reward them for their performance

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Employee management - Leave planningSelection and recruitment 

Convert applicants into employees with just one click and organise your open vacancies Create a job site, promote the vacancies and track applications Create a database of profiles and skills with indexed documents Manage everything internally in a simple and professional way

Own selection and recruitment strategy

Personalise the steps of the recruitment process: pre-selection, first interview, second interview, employment conditions and more Get accurate statistics about your recruitment process Use reports to compare the performance of your posts on external job sites and adjust your recruitment plan and strategy based on results with ease

Track applicants in the recruitment process and save time by using templates to automate certain communications Documents such as CVs and application letters are automatically recorded, so that all you need to do is search for specific skills and create a database with the required profiles

Integrated questionnaires

Design your own online and offline questionnaires

  • STEP 1: Create your interview layout based on your own experience
  • STEP 2: Use the questionnaire designer tool to adjust the questions depending on your own process
  • STEP 3: Request applicants to complete the questionnaire online or ask the interviewer to use it during actual job interviews


Allow your employees to declare their work-related expenses and keep an overview of the accounts

  • Save time on expense reports: everything in one place
    Managing daily expense claims of employees has never been easier. Whether it concerns claims for business trips, office supplies or other expenses, all receipts and accounts are accessible via the Dashboard and you can approve or reject them with a single click.
  • No more lost receipts
    Upload all receipts directly in the expense report: employees can easily add copies of their receipts as attachments to an expense statement, so that they do not get lost. Easily add attachments while on-the-move using your mobile phone by simply taking a photo of the receipt and sending it to an assigned email address. Save time and work more efficiently by maintaining a clear and complete overview of all costs.
  • Manage accounts per team: As a manager, you can track the expense claims submitted by the entire team, so that you can control the costs and ensure that people stay within the budget.

Share the workload between departments: involve everyone to save time.

  • Employees: add expenses, make notes and upload receipts to the expense report
  • Managers: approve or reject an expense claim with a single click, add a comment, edit the data or request more information
  • Accounting staff: make a record of expenses claims of the company and personnel, add them to the books and process payments and invoices

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Evaluation leave planning staff / employeesEmployee evaluation: convert applicants into employees with just one click

Set up a process of regular employee evaluation

Improve the most important component of your company: your employees Maintain motivation levels within your company by regularly evaluating employee performance Assess your human resources for the benefit of your people and organisation, regardless of the size of your company

  • Simple follow-up: clear insight into the evaluation for each employee or for the entire company
  • Clear calendar view: stay informed of upcoming evaluations and send reminders to those who need to complete the evaluations
  • Exportable answers: create a printable PDF for each evaluation

Design your own questionnaire

  • Draw up your own questionnaire to gather important information and suggestion from your employees
  • Quickly add questions, edit pages and create a useful questionnaire using the built-in templates or create your own design right from scratch
  • Create templates from existing questionnaires to use or modify later Test your questionnaires before publishing them: allow managers,
    supervisors or other employees review and comment on them before you finalise them
    You can even create different questionnaires for each step of the evaluation process in order to send them to different people.

Automate the evaluation process: ensure that evaluations proceed according to schedule

  • Make evaluation plans with a clear schedule to automatically generate interview requests
  • Specify which employee or department can answer your questionnaires and allow managers to assess the content and complete the evaluation

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