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Timesheet management - Record working hoursTimesheets can be defined as: ‘forms on which an employee can indicate the hours spent on each project’. Usually, employees fill in the timesheet per week. In the past, this was all done manually by the employee, after which the administration department had to enter the data in a system. Fortunately, this cumbersome process of timesheet management is a thing of the past!

Thanks to Traxgo’s Track and Trace solution, you can centralise your time recording and monitor it automatically, which allows you to skip a lot of steps of the old system.  The system automatically fills in the hours and processes them as well. The timesheets are linked to other systems as well, so that you can keep track of everything in a well-organised manner.

By using the Track and Trace system to monitor the timesheets, you can gain a quick insight into the number of hours worked, the days worked and the locations where the working hours were clocked. This also offers you a better overview of your manpower planning and costs.

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