Legislation concerning attendance recording

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Legislation concerning attendance recording

Legislation concerning attendance recordingAttendance recording in the construction sector is mandatory since 1 January 2015. With Checkinatwork, you can record attendance quickly, easily and without much effort. In addition, as a result of this your employees are completely in compliance with legislation, because the system forwards the data directly to the NSSO. Very convenient, but what exactly is the legislation concerning attendance recording?

Attendance recording: obligation

The Belgian government has introduced electronic attendance recording to prevent construction companies from committing social and tax fraud. Thanks to this system, the government knows exactly who is at work, where and when. This ensures that companies can no longer commit fraudulent practices. When recording attendance, the date, worksite and employee and employer details are automatically forwarded to the NSSO.  You don’t need to do anything yourself.

Attendance recording is mandatory for anyone who is involved in the construction sector. This includes workers, self-employed persons, worksite supervisors, engineers and safety coordinators. Attendance recording is not mandatory for engineering firms, inspectors and other occasional visitors.

The new rules do not apply to temporary and mobile worksites where the total cost of the works is lower than 800,000 euros, excluding VAT.

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