Local approach for tracking in the Netherlands

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Local approach for tracking applications in the Netherlands

Although the Flemish and the Dutch may share a common language, there are still quite a few fundamental differences between Belgium and the Netherlands. To bridge these differences, we recently established Traxgo Netherlands as part of our growth strategy under the umbrella of Clifford International. We can now provide this specific market with our tracking, monitoring, and software applications from a local branch based on a corresponding, unique strategy and approach.

Our colleagues in the Netherlands can rely on Traxgo Belgium's support in various ways, ensuring that our Dutch clients will also have full access to the know-how and expertise we have built up in the track-and-trace sector in the past 20 years. On top of this, the experience in telematics applications contributed by Clifford International serves as an additional asset that will help us grow into a fully fledged player in this niche in our neighbouring country.

Leading track-and-trace company

Traxgo has since become one of the top companies in Belgium in the field of tracking & tracing. And as a specialised and ISO-certified partner, Traxgo offers a unique and comprehensive package for optimising business processes with a platform to collect real-time information, on the one hand, and by offering business software to give the customer insight and to support cost savings, on the other hand. The launch of Traxgo’s activities in the Netherlands paves the way for further European expansion.

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