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Track and Trace for the service and maintenance sector

Track and Trace for the service and maintenance sectorTrack and Trace maintenance sector

Call up a crew or schedule a repair? Our Track and Trace system offers a solution to these kinds of questions. Thanks to Track and Trace for the maintenance sector, you can easily deploy people and teams where and when they are needed.

With our system you are guaranteed to work more efficiently, without wasting time and with better communication. Not only do you save time and money, but you also keep your customers and employees happy. When you have installed the Traxgo Track and Trace system, you can follow everyone via PC, smartphone and/or tablet.

Tracking of vehicles

Quick and easy registration of progress

It can sometimes happen that you or your employees forget to fill in a work order. With the LisaBadge you can simplify invoicing and administration. You no longer need to fill in work orders. If that's not fantastic.

You can easily enter all hours worked, distances, administration, etc. in our software, the 'LisaBadge'. These documents can be easily checked, corrected and processed. Work a lot smoother thanks to the LisaBadge.

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Material theft protection thanks to Traxgo material management

Do you have control over all your materials or has something already been stolen? Traxgo's theft protection makes it easy to track your equipment in real time. You always and everywhere have an overview of where everything is located. Protect your equipment against theft with our theft protection systems. Done with re-purchasing equipment.

Materials management offers many advantages. You can easily locate your equipment, make an inventory, reduce the risk of theft and increase security. Save time and money!

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