NB-IoT, NarrowBand Internet of Things in Smart applications

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What is narrowband?

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The name 'NB-IoT' stands for NarrowBand Internet of Things. This is a Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technology. It was developed to efficiently support a large number of new IoT (Internet of Things) devices and services.

The network works on existing cell towers. The signal strength can be up to 10 times that of a GSM. As a result, it is available almost everywhere and for a long time.

NB-IoT is a slow solution that does not transmit real-time information. The data is played through on an interval basis with a slight delay. Narrowband can also only be used from a fixed location.

Use of the technology

Narrowband is very suitable for applications where small amounts of data are sent. This happens constantly over a longer period of time. It is therefore not suitable for applications where large amounts of data have to be sent. Even if the data has to be obtained in real-time, this is not a suitable connection. Examples of current NB-IoT applications can be found in Smart Home and Smart Officeapplications. They make use of all the strengths of the system.

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