Tracing and recovering stolen vehicles

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Tracing and recovering of stolen vehicles, machinery and equipmentTracking vehicles, machinery and equipment is one thing. But what if you are still a victim of theft despite the necessary measures? Fortunately, with the help of our efficient track-and-trace applications, it is virtually impossible to steal a vehicle or machinery from your fleet without being able to determine its location afterwards via our software. However, we know from many years of experience that recovering a stolen vehicle or machinery after the event is not always straightforward. Just imagine that the available track-and-trace information shows it is in some exotic location in a foreign country ...

Our "recovery service", recovery in practice

In such a scenario, you are at a loss and see your chances of recovery melt like snow in the sun. What practical steps should you take to recover your stolen vehicle or machinery effectively? Which authorities should you turn to? What administrative and legal issues do you need to consider? Etc. As a leading track-and-trace company, we see it as our duty to assist clients at this stage too. As an option, we offer an additional "recovery service", in which a specialised partner takes over the tracking and effective recovery from A to Z in the event of theft. This extra service takes our track-and-trace service to the next level.

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Over 20 years of track-and-trace experience at your service

Traxgo is one of the top companies in Belgium in the field of tracking & tracing. As a specialised and ISO-certified partner, Traxgo offers a unique and comprehensive package for optimising business processes with a platform for collecting real-time information, on the one hand, and business software providing customer insights and supporting cost savings, on the other. Customers can call upon our experience and expertise amassed over 20 years in the track-and-trace industry.