Vehicle security with INCERT-certified TT systems

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Vehicle security with INCERT-certified TT systemsINCERT has been the pre-eminent quality label for vehicle theft protection in Belgium since 2002. An INCERT-certified track-and-trace system - TT system for short - is therefore the best guarantee of good anti-theft protection for your vehicles. Traxgo went through the full certification process this year and can officially and proudly call itself an INCERT-certified installer.

Who is an INCERT approved track-and-trace system for?

The insurer may require a system aimed at preventing a stolen vehicle from disappearing without a trace. This is useful if the thief was able to steal the vehicle by using the car keys (think car- or homejacking, whether by force or not). A TT system is equipped with the necessary communication tools to locate the stolen vehicle via GPS satellites and have it tracked by a legally authorised emergency response centre so that they can transmit the information to law enforcement. Detailed information on the different systems and operation can be found on the INCERT website.

Expanding our services

Traxgo is a leading ISO-certified growth company that offers a unique complete package for optimising business processes. First, by providing a platform that collects information in real time. Second, by providing business software. We continuously invest in technological innovation, structure and organisation. The INCERT label achieved is therefore a great extension to our existing certifications and allows us to further broaden our track-and-trace services.

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