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Traxgo has been the partner of choice for all things track-and-trace for 20 years. With our experienced team, we help companies save even more time and money with our efficient applications for tracking vehicles, machines and materials. The fact that today’s options extend far beyond simply determining the GPS location may be evident from the four registration systems that we would like to briefly introduce to you below. Piece by piece, they are cutting-edge applications that can help increase your returns significantly.

1. Recording of machinery running hours

This first application simplifies recording the running hours of your machinery. The data is automatically forwarded to our central platform. With the help of our intuitive Traxgo software, charts and reports allow you to consult and analyse the information collected whenever required in a very simple and fast way. This allows you to track the use of your machinery in detail.


2. Mileage or trip recording

Keep track of your fleet's mileage with our reliable mileage tracking. With our software, you always know exactly where the various cars in your fleet are, how many kilometres they have travelled and how long they have been on the road. Since speeds and other driving behaviour (e.g. braking) can also be recorded, you can encourage your employees to drive more economically and ecologically where necessary.


3. Work registration and planning

In addition to the unique option of linking planning to real-time track-and-trace information, our TraxOne software solution also has its own app for mobile devices. Working hours can be recorded digitally, your customers sign off after the works have been carried out. Paper work orders, spreadsheets of technicians' performance, chaotic communication through various channels, administrative inconvenience, etc. are definitely a thing of the past.


4. Temperature recording

Permanent remote temperature monitoring provides you with maximum safety and security. A sensor is mounted in the refrigerated area and is in constant communication with the GPS tracker. In real-time, it continuously checks to determine whether the desired temperature is present. When abnormal values occur, an alarm is immediately sent, allowing you to intervene immediately, avoiding loss and/or damage if possible.


The registration systems presented here are just a small sample of the many innovative applications we can offer as a specialised and ISO-certified partner. Traxgo is among the top companies active in tracking & tracing and has built up a great deal of relevant expertise over the years in a wide variety of sectors. Contact us with no obligation, and we will work with you to see how our applications can also increase your returns!

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