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LISAbadge: visual means of identification for workersWho is the LISAbadge intended for?

The LISAbadge is intended for all persons employed in the construction sector. Everyone who is involved in the activities at the construction site, regardless of their status or the Joint Committee under which they fall. This includes employees, white-collar workers and electricians as well as self-employed persons.

What is the benefit of the LISAbadge?

The LISAbadge allows you to record attendance and hence comply with the obligations with respect to the NSSO. This means that you avoid penalties in case of any controls. The LISAbadge is compatible with the Traxgo Track and Trace platform and facilitates the time recording process for your employees.

The LISAbadge has been designed by contractors, which ensures that it is suitable for the work requirements. It enables you to keep track of your administration more efficiently. The badge gives you access to a secure platform on which you can consult all the data of registered users. The online environment provides you with relevant information about the worksites applicable to you.

To create a LISAbadge, you must first purchase a production code. With this code, you can access the platform and enter an address to which the badge can be sent.

What can Traxgo offer you?

To purchase a LisaBadge itself, we would like to refer you to However, if you want to make a link between LisaBadge's data and track-and-trace information, then you've come to the right place.

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