Subsidies for Traxgo’s tyre pressure monitoring system

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Subsidies for Traxgo’s tyre pressure monitoring system

Which companies are eligible?

To qualify for this subsidy, the company must meet the conditions outlined below:

  • Must have at least one motor or composite vehicle intended or used for the carriage of goods by road with a maximum authorised mass (MAM) of not more than 3.5 tonnes and the vehicle must be registered in Belgium
  • Must have a place of business in the Flemish Region
  • Must have an accepted legal form (sole proprietorship, public limited company, private limited company, etc.)
  • Must not be a company in difficulties
  • Must not be controlled (directly or indirectly) for 50% or more by an administrative authority
  • Must comply with the European ‘de minimis’ regulation, which stipulates that the European Commission will allow state aid as long as it remains below a certain limit

What kind of expenditures?

The subsidy may be used for:

  • Expenditures for additional safety provisions that go beyond those prescribed by law, such as driving assistance and camera systems (e.g. an extra blind spot mirror or camera), axle load gauges, camera systems for reverse parking and backing up, etc.

A detailed list of all expenditures eligible for this subsidy is included as an Appendix to the Ministerial Decree.
Here, ‘expenditures’ refers to the purchase, rental or leasing of the eligible services and goods. These expenditures (contracts or invoices) must relate to lorries of over 3.5 tonnes and should have been incurred after 1 January 2017.

Eligible systems

Traxgo tyre pressure monitoring system


The maximum subsidy (excluding VAT and installation costs) is:

  • 100,000 euros per company for expenses incurred over three calendar years (in this case: 2017, 2018 and 2019), where the aforementioned measure is reimbursed for up to 80 percent
  • 3,000 euros per lorry

Once the application has been submitted correctly, the company receives an acknowledgment of receipt at the specified email address.

If the application file proceeds normally, the company will receive the decision via mail within three weeks and, in the case of an approval, it will receive a notification that the payment order has been issued.

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