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Efficient tracking of working hours

Registration of working hoursKeeping track of and checking the hours worked by each of your employees can be a very time-consuming process. With a time recording system, you can save yourself a lot of effort and keep track of the working hours of your employees with the help of a convenient software. Traxgo’s Track and Trace software ensures that you have an overview of the working hours of your employees and their leave planning as well as of the location of your vehicles. As a result, you do not lose time on time recording and can invest your valuable time in other important issues.

Use of a time clock

Your employees can check in using our time clock. This is a handy tool which allows them to easily check in, via their ID badge, when they enter the worksite. The information is then forwarded to the Traxgo platform. As simple as that!

The hours worked are included in the time recording app. If the employee forgets to check in or out, the manager receives a notification.

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