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ConstruBadge - Visual identifier for construction workersWhat is the ConstruBadge?

The ConstruBadge serves as a visual identification device for construction blue-collar workers. Blue-collar workers must wear them visibly when they enter construction sites.

What is the purpose of the badge?

The ConstruBadge is the result of the strategic plan under which the social partners in the construction sector aim to create a climate of healthy competition and hence suppress social dumping.

What kind of data is stored on the ConstruBadge?

The badge contains all the data needed to identify the blue-collar worker: his or her photograph and name, the name of his or her employer, employer and employee identification numbers, card number, barcode and validity date.

Who receives a ConstruBadge?

A construction blue-collar worker who is registered with the NSSO automatically receives a ConstruBadge. This means that you do not have to apply for it yourself. It is intended for blue-collar workers from Belgian construction companies as well as from foreign companies who work on Belgian soil. Temporary personnel who fall under these categories also receive a ConstruBadge.

In certain cases, the ConstruBadges for its employees may be sent directly to the employer. This will only happen in the following cases:

  • If the worker has no official residence address in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France or Germany
  • If a replacement badge was requested for the worker

A blue-collar worker in my employ did not receive a ConstruBadge, why is that?

If you employ a new blue-collar worker, you must first report this to the social secretariat. You should do this as quickly as possible so that the ConstruBadge can be created. Only when the NSSO receives the data concerning this worker, will he or she receive a ConstruBadge.

It is also possible that your worker did not receive a ConstruBadge because he or she is not domiciled in Belgium. As a result of this, no photograph of this worker was available in the National Register. Before the badge can be created, you must upload a photograph of that worker via the online portal. This will ensure that the ConstruBadge can be created as quickly as possible.

Persons with a long-term occupational disability and retired persons also do not automatically receive a ConstruBadge. They will receive this only when they indicate that they wish to resume their work.

How do I sign up for the online application?

You will automatically receive a letter with an access code for signing up to the portal. Using your Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE) number and the code, you can create an account. After you have activated your account, you can download an overview of all ConstruBadges, request a replacement badge, upload a photograph for a blue-collar worker if it is missing and invite other users to use the platform.

Benefits of the ConstruBadge

In addition to serving as a means of identification, the ConstruBadge is also a useful tool for time recording via the Traxgo Track and Trace application. Since the badge already contains the blue-collar worker’s social security data, you can easily track attendance at the worksite.

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