Securing your car with a car tracking system

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Securing your car with a car tracking system

Ensure the security of your vehicle: discover the BENEFITS of a tracking system!

Securing your car with a car tracking systemPOSITION DETERMINATION

A car tracking system ensures that you know exactly where your vehicle is at any time. With the help of a GPS Tracker, we keep an eye on the location, status and movement of your vehicle, whether it is a Mercedes, BMW, Tesla, Peugeot, Volvo, ... or another brand. Thanks to the tracking system, all the relevant data are collected and can easily be consulted online. If desired, these data can even be displayed on a map.


Information regarding the location of your car is very reliable thanks to tracking systems. This is because the data is immediately processed and displayed on our server in real time.


Your vehicle is safer with a car tracking system. This is because the system delivers more information than just the location of the car. The tracker processes the data in real time, so you can also check whether your car is standing still or on the move. You can even find out the speed of your car.

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The data from the car tracking system can be easily consulted online. It is not necessary to install a software programme for this. You can also do this via your smartphone.


Not just your car, but also the tracking system data are secure. All the data are stored on a secure server. The sharing of the data also takes place via a secure internet connection. For more information about the security of your data, please consult our Privacy Policy .


A car tracking system offers numerous benefits, which makes it a good investment. After all, you can’t put a price on the safety of your car. You’ll soon realise that this is the best solution to guarantee your car’s safety.


There are a number of legal requirements associated with car tracking systems in general.

But there is no definite law regarding track and trace systems. In other words, there are no legal requirements related to the placement of a car tracking system in your employee’s vehicle.

In case of a car policy, the Privacy Protection Act is important. It must be ensured that the controls have a legitimate purpose, that these controls are in proportion to the purpose and that the employees must be informed of these controls.

Need to track your car? Why should you opt for a car tracking system? It improves your customer service and your planning. Do you want more information about how to ensure the security of your vehicle? Contact us without obligation.


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